PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATIONS - Tel: +40 758745840 [languagelinks]

Advantages of collaborating with POLIGLOTIS: 

  • Confidence that your translation is accurate. Our translators are aware of the extremely high importance of translation accuracy in terms of technique. Our translators discuss with your representatives in respect of details in order to ensure the accuracy of the specialized terms.
  • Adequate prices for your projects. We may offer you discounts depending on the volume you need to translate.
  • Having and promoting a bilingual or multilingual website represents an advantage both for increasing sales and profit and for the promotion of your business and image. The decision of translating a website may be taken for reasons related to the human side of the business, to the existence of foreign collaborators/partners or even employees or from the desire of extending it internationally. Both cases refer to professional situations, with specific language requiring perfection. This is where we intervene and help you with professional translations