PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATIONS - Tel: +40 758745840 [languagelinks]

POLIGLOTIS offers translation services in and from over 30 languages, among which we mention:


English Portuguese Norwegian Turkish Chinese Japanese
French Bulgarian Swedish Ukrainian Serb Greek
Italian Croatian Finnish Hindi Magyar Russian
Spanish Czech Danish Arabic Polish Catalan
German Slovak Dutch Azerbaijani Latvian Estonian



The prices vary according to the target language and to the source language, to the type of document, the number of pages and the delivery term of the document.

The translated page refers to the page resulting in the target language, and contains 2000 characters with spaces, according to the standards used by the translation institutions within the European Union space. The price is established for minimum one page.


The price includes:

  • The translation and the text typewriting;
  • Printing the translation in two copies;
  • The preparation of your documents for legalization, by introducing the conclusion of legalization at the end of the translation and by attaching for free the copies of the original documents.
  • Saving your documents in electronic format (CD, USB stick) or sending your translations by email;
  • Keeping your translation in our database for a period of five years.


Terms of execution

According to its difficulty degree and number of pages, a translation can be delivered in 24 – 48 hours. For documents over 10 pages, the end date will be established together with the customer.

An emergency fee of 50% will be paid for the translations delivered in the same day.