PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATIONS - Tel: +40 758745840 [languagelinks]
  • Authorized translations

    Juridical documents: Contracts, companies’ articles of incorporation, civil status/identity documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, identity cards, passports), certificates of criminal record, diplomas, records of employment, powers of attorney, professional certificates.
  • Specialized translations

    • Technical and IT-communication documents: Instruction and usage books, installation instructions, technological sheets, presentation catalogues, brochures, construction and/or maintenance books.

    • Medical documents: Instruction books for medical devices, presentations of drugs and medical equipment, clinical contracts, analysis certificates, documentations for clinical studies.

    • Economic documents: Financial analyses, auction documents, contracts, financing files, balance sheets, accounting documents, letters of good standing, certificates of compliance, leasing documents.

    • Web pages: translation of companies’ sites into required languages.

    • Labels – Translation of labels for all usual consumers’ products commercialized on the Romanian territory is a legal obligation for all economic agents or importers of these products and a right of the Romanian consumer.

    • • Restaurant menus – In order to have a professional image and satisfied foreign customers, the menus in restaurants must be correctly translated.

  • Interpreting

    Professional authorized interpreters to facilitate the communication with your business partners within conferences, business meetings, auctions, notary statements, marriages with foreign citizens, interviews for residence, etc.
  • Collateral services

    • Localization – The localization process underlies any business globalization strategy.

    • DTP Services – making a translation into the target language by keeping the format of the source language

    • Legalization

    • Application of apostille and superlegalization. In order for your documents to be valid abroad, according to the provisions stipulated within the Convention of Hague, they must bear an Apostille, being then translated, legalized and superlegalized.

    • Obtaining endorsements for university study documents from the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth: For the clients who do not live in Bucharest, we may mediate the getting of the notices specific to university study documents (Bachelor’s Degree, Transcript of Grades and Syllabus) from the National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas, within the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, Bucharest.

    • Consultancy: We offer our clients consultancy services in the following fields: emigration, family joining, equivalence or recognition of studies abroad, incorporation of international companies.

    • Complete services for travel mandates to Turkey: We offer packages of complete services for persons traveling to Turkey by a car which is not their personal property (according to the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

    • If you travel to Turkey by a vehicle driven by a person other than its owner, the entry to Turkey will be allowed by Customs, only after presenting the following documents:

      • Vehicle’s documents, including the green card;

      • A mandate (power of attorney) from the vehicle’s owner (physical person or legal entity), in order to drive that vehicle from Romania to Turkey and return. Attention! The power of attorney must be authenticated at the notary office and then applied an apostille;

      • The translation of the power of attorney in Turkish by a sworn translator, legalized by the notary and applied an apostille (source: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

      The package includes the following standard procedures:

      • certified date obtained from the notary office;

      • application of an apostille on the original document;

      • translation into Turkish;

      • translation legalization at the notary office;

      • translation superlegalization by applying an apostille.

    • Representation by power of attorney: Based on a power of attorney obtained from the notary office, we may represent our customers before the Police Authorities, City Hall (Civil Status Department), Bar, Law Court, Prefect’s Institution, Public Health Authority, School Inspectorate of any county, ministries, schools, high schools or faculties in order to obtain documents or endorsements, such as:

    • • birth certificates or marriage certificates (or the transcription of birth certificates or marriage certificates obtained abroad);

      • certificates of criminal record;

      • diplomas and other study documents,

      that we endorse at the School Inspectorate, at the Public Health Authority, apply apostilles at the Prefect’s Institution, at the Law Court or at Ministries, etc.